The Producers Of South Park Bring You “Sassy Justice”



There were rumors that Matt Stone and Trey Parker had built a secret studio in Colorado for a new project, and I don’t know if this has anything to do with that, but I want more. It’s called Sassy Justice, a new weekly show featuring Fred Sassy who is an American Consumer Advocate and reporter for the Cheyenne news at 9, a local TV station in Cheyenne, Wyoming. On his weekly show, Sassy Justice, Fred goes to battle for the common man in his hometown. This week, he’s uncovering the dangers behind manipulated videos that are increasingly popping up on the internet.

Anyone who is a fan of South Park can instantly recognize Matt Stone and Trey Parker among the show’s characters, some of whom are deep fake, others that are hand puppets, and everything and anything in between. The result is very sassy, and this one features The Tick’s Peter Serafinowicz and while I would prefer more episodes of South Park, I’m looking forward to even sassier justice in the near future.

John Schwarz

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