The Producers of “Adam Ruins Everything” Announce New Animated Series For College Humor’s “DROPOUT”

It’s been dropped!

We’ve got new key art for a new show from DROPOUT (CollegeHumor’s uncensored comedy platform) and the producers of “Adam Ruins Everything,” called WTF101, which is set to release on January 7, 2019.

WTF101 is a twisted adult animation show where the zany and foul-mouthed Professor Foxtrot teleports her reluctant detention students to learn about the most f***ed-up moments in science and history (think: testing the numbing ability of cocaine through testical-stomping; drinking contaminated vomit to prove Yellow Fever isn’t contagious; mutations that lead to frogs growing exta limbs (and ultimately dying); and MUCH more. WTF101 will shock you, disgust you, make you cringe, and make you laugh, but ultimately, you’ll leave every episode learning something totally new, totally real, and totally f***ing insane.

Our Take

By far, Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV is best when it’s an animated series and WTF101 appears to be a continuation of that. It has been a while since CollegeHumor has been serious about an adult animated series, I’m hoping this is the start of something good for the platform.

On a personal note, can Adam shut the fuck up about Elon Musk’s underground tunnels? I love Adam to death, but sometimes you need to stay in your lane if you’re trying to shed any expertise on someone else’s project that’s clearly outside your scope of understanding.

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