The Hit Squad movie gets first teaser


It has been almost three years since we’ve first heard of The Hit Squad movie being announced by the Super Pixel Bros. The guys successfully put together an IndieGogo campaign and the fruits of that labor are just now starting to show.

In the 1980s, pop music hit its creative peak. Limited only by the imagination. Luckily there was one band to do all of the imagining for you, The Hit Squad. Outrageous lead singer Roddy Stones, cockney thug Frankie Miller and confused man-child Charles Whitecastle pioneered pop music, that is, until the 90s came and musical tastes changed. The Hit Squad faded into obscurity. Left with only their recording studio and a cocaine habit to make Bowie blush, little do they know that a new evil arises, threatening to change their lives forever. The head of the mysterious Scourge Studios is determined to destroy The Hit Squad by any means possible. The band battle through their own egos, drug habits and sanity in order to try and win back their fame, fortune and the keys to the infamous ‘Fun Cupboard’.

Watch a teaser trailer below of The Hit Squad movie which is said to be coming in 2015. When that is, unsure at the moment.