TBS & TNT Apps Being Made Available On Smart TV’s and XBOX

And why this is a bigger deal.

Earlier this year, TBS had premiered a brand-new series called Final Space. The ten-episode series premiered for TBS television on February 26th, however, TBS.com had the episodes for a couple of weeks before they aired on television and that would continue to be the case as the season wore on with new episodes typically premiering a week before on TBS.com before they were aired on television. This strategy must have worked because TBS picked up Final Space for a 13-episode second season set to premiere sometime in 2019.

I mention that as I report to you that TBS and TNT streaming apps will now be made available on XBone and Smart TV’s made by Sony, Samsung, and Vizio. This on top of the close to 6 million subscribers the streaming apps already have should expand the number of viewers getting a chance to binge Final Space, a show that got almost no marketing push, but thanks to creator Olan Rogers’ online presence, was able to turn it into a success. Read our review of Final Space Season One here.

For those counting at home, this is the equivalent of when Family Guy’s DVD sales spurned a renewal that still sees the series air on Sunday nights on FOX.

John Schwarz

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