T-Mobile’s New TV Service Is A Game-Changer

Here’s why.

With the impending 5G wireless broadband network beginning it’s gradual roll out, one major industry that may be ended as a result is the cable/satellite TV services. Why? Imagine your 4G phone today. You can watch all sorts of programming like Netflix and whatnot without the need for any sort of connection to a cable internet network, instead just utilizing whatever service your phone is currently using today. You can’t really play MMO games or go long stretches without your phone getting hot as hell thereby zapping your battery, but it’s enough of a litmus to showcase the possibilities of the future.

Enter 5G. 5G networks will not only allow you to have a better wireless experience with your phones and tablets, but a more consistent broadband experience for major applications like boxes that could potentially be used to wirelessly access video, audio, and gaming applications without worrying about siphoning batteries but getting enough of a quality experience without paying heavy cable bills. That’s where T-Mobile’s TVision is coming in.

Using 5G technology. TVision is a $100/month service featuring 150 channels (T-Mobile customers get a discount of $10 a month) using a completely wireless communications experience save for whatever electrical outlets and TV plug-ins you’ve got going on. It’s not known yet if you have to purchase your own box or if you rent it like you do with most cable companies or if that cost is already included in that $100/month. If it’s the latter, we’ve got a ball game. If it’s the former, it’s going to depend on how strong that 150 channel lineup is whether or not it’s worthwhile. T-Mobile DID just sign a deal with Viacom, so networks like Comedy Central, MTV, etc appear to be safe for a while, but what of WarnerMedia? With this move, and TVision’s aggressive marketing strategy to help pay off satellite bills for those who cancel in favor or their service, this puts line-in-sight competition for WarnerMedia’s parent company AT&T who holds the keys to such brands as HBO, Adult Swim, and others. Negotiations could be tricky, and we’ve already seen some unrest with AT&T and their rivals like Dish Network.

Another industry changer? Social media. If I’m not spending as much time on my phone/tablets watching content, surely, social network usage would decrease unless if those apps are available as part of the service. This now devalues the strength of social content, and could open the door for that next BIG network to truly take off and possibly be not as bot-filled as the offerings we have now with Facebook and Twitter.

Like it or not…this is the future. TVision is the industry’s first true independent-from-cable/satellite-services offering, and if they can get their wireless coverage up to snuff (the company has a pending merger with Sprint which will help), this could be the first true TV disruption since Netflix.


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