Sundance Selection “Black Holes” Animated TV Series Being Shopped To Networks Tomorrow

We know which networks will get to see the pitch.

We told you guys a year ago about a CG-animated short film called Black Holes being shopped at Sundance Film Festival. We loved the short, and now the producers are getting ready to go to a bunch of networks to begin the shopping process. To start, the producers have announced that they are bringing their pitch to Netflix, Adult Swim, and HBO.

Created by the Nicolas Brothers, French artists David and Laurent Nicolas, Black Holes revolves around an astronaut overwhelmed by frivolous insecurities while preparing for the most important mission of his life: the conquest of Mars. Imagine Star Trek meets The Office. The aesthetics are more Pixar than South Park, a revolutionary style for a TV show that is long overdue. Here’s the official synopsis:

Dave Nicholson is a distinguished astronaut Entrusted with humanity’s Most major leap into the future-the conquest of Mars and outer space. On the eve of Mission Mars Premium, Dave discovers he’s being teamed up with a melon feeling that outshines him in intelligence and charm. Not only a brilliant strategist but also the reincarnation of a fashion designer, the melon encroaches more and more on Dave’s jurisdiction, driving him to the brink of paranoia and insanity.

Of the three networks, HBO has a history with picking up an animated short that was shown off at Sundance Film Festival as they did with the series Animals which is in the midst of producing a third season. HBO’s parent company, Turner Networks, is getting ready to launch its own animated series surrounding an astronaut called Final Spaceso it’ll be interesting to see how this one shakes out.

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