Stop-Motion Animated Feature Film Headed To Netflix From The Chiodo Brothers



Netflix has a lot going on in terms of adult animation nowadays. With Batman: Killing Joke now on the streamer and multiple Resident Evil animated films incoming, the streamer is staying busy in this space which certainly leads credence to Ted Sarandos announcing six animated features a year by 2022.

Just announced in conjunction with the Chiodo Brothers is a stop-motion animated feature-length called Alien Xmas(Killer Klowns from Outer Space) set to premiere on November 20th. The 40-minute film inspired by the book of the same name. The book’s synopsis is as follows:

On Christmas Eve, in this quiet little outpost at the top of the world, the battle for Earth began. Aliens swarmed the castle like insects, and Santa and the elves defended the village the best they could. Gift-wrapping guns bound the invaders in colorful paper and ribbon like mummies. Candy cane slingshots fired snowballs. Vats of caramel doused aliens climbing castle walls.

[h/t: Dread Central]

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