Stephen Colbert Has Been Going Cartoon Crazy This Last Month

And the results have been awesome!

Before his eventual rise to fame to The Daily Show and eventually The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where the late night host is routinely number one in the ratings, Stephen Colbert was quite a prolific voice actor with credits on such series as Venture Bros., Harvey Birdman, and SNL’s TV Funhouse that had recent guest Robert Smigel (aka Triumph the Insult Comic Dog) at the helm in producing. So, it makes perfect sense that despite the fact that he’s got one animated series already on Showtime, that he would continue to shepherd more with hilarious results. This past month, alone, he’s been killing it in this arena giving us a bevy of animated shorts.

The month-long effort kicked off with an animated tale known as “Whose Boat is this Boat?” which tells a sordid tale of failed policies concerning natural disasters and our federal response to them.

Next up, Stephen took a page out of Adventure Time for a short known as “Policy Time” that sees a slightly different take on the animated Trump trying his best to do more important things than spend his day watching TV and tweeting and instead focusing on doing more important things…like working.

Most recently, Stephen Colbert decided to do a different spin on the ol’ late night “Clip Show” format by animating himself in place of his real-life persona for a variety of classic segments while the host was off for the holidays. He actually did a whole bunch of which you can see below, so enjoy!


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