Soon-to-be convicted felon Kevin Clash aka ‘Elmo’ won Three Daytime Emmy’s yesterday for #SesameStreet

Isn’t America just grand??


I get it, Kevin Clash is innocent until proven guilty, and so far we haven’t had any updates since he was accused of molesting a bunch of underage boys while he was working as Executive Producer and voice of ‘Elmo’ on Sesame Street. That said, you would think the Daytime Emmy producers would weigh those charges levied against Clash and maybe not award him with three awards, right? 

When Jerry Sandusky was put on trial with similar charges filed against him, no one decided to consider him as Defensive Coach of the Year because that would be nonsense. Instead, like Jerry, Kevin Clash should be put on trial and, hopefully in a fair justice system, would be convicted and thrown in jail! The fact that he is getting any kind of recognition for Sesame Street is outrageous and I think instead the  Emmy’s should levy something similar to what Penn State got against the PBS show. Maybe something like banning the show for a number of years for any kind of Emmy consideration perhaps? I’d support that in a heart beat.

Then again we do live in a world where people running Comic Conventions can use profits made from said conventions towards their legal fees as they fight similar child molestation charges, so who the hell knows what could happen next?

John Schwarz

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