Shorts Review: The Woo’s Take Us Back To School. Big, Furry School.

nikki poseidon

Anyone here like “mind expanding drugs?” I’ve never given them a chance, mostly because of my own personal fears and because of what people who have tried them describe the experiences as. If a tab of acid can turn an ordinary man into a glass of orange juice, why the hell would I want that life? Everyone knows that I’m an apple juice kinda guy anyway.

I bring up the drugs because I’m having a hard time figuring out what type I should try while watching The Woo’s. Take the McDonald’s Fry Guys, toss them in a Montana High School, and then shoot the whole thing like Requiem For A Dream with a script like Twilight. That accurate enough? Better yet, It has the same feel of an Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD Easter egg. Ya know what I mean, with the randomness and the single frame shots and whatnot. Trippy stuff.

It’s a high school setting so we can’t expect the writing to be anything near the likes of Hawthorne or Hemmingway, but you can really put yourself in the shoes of the characters as they go through their pubescent struggles. That is, of course, if these adorable little fuzz balls even wear shoes. The background music really carries the scenes much in the way it did in the silent picture ages. Then those damn talking pictures had to come and revolutionize everything.

I’m curious to see where this series goes especially if the writing steps up just a little bit. Beyond that this show is pretty solid and will be represented well with its score.


(@chefrichBB) misses the Fry Guys.


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