Shorts Review: Titanfall Dropouts: The Rookie

I wonder if this is as funny as the XBone launch.

With the X-Box One launch being one of the most comical events of recent gaming history, not many people actually are playing Titanfall. However, the good folks at Machinima brought us what could be the best representation of the multiplayer yet, in the form of Titanfall Dropouts.

This episode revolves around a snarky rookie, named Bury. He needs extraction, and then a new titan. Unfortunately, the engineers, Dex and Gif, keep telling him that’s not how things work. Bury then realizes that the same company sells the same exact Titans to the two sides, so the war is all profit for the manufacturer. Gif and Dex go somewhat meta, and say the two sides are completely arbitrary, just to pit one group against the other. Next, Bury puts two and two together, and realizes, that if the two idiot engineers with minimum training can kill two pilots, so, he says he wants to enroll in the engineer program. Dex and Gif see that as a problem, so Gif lights him up with an airstrike.

This show is as close to playing Titanfall as I would want to get. The show is genius, with Gif and Dex coming through on the HUD display is funny, and a lot better than just disembodied voices. The jokes are definitely breaking the fourth wall of sorts, because it addresses a lot of things that people find wrong. Titans are killstreaks. Most any help are all rewards. In war, I don’t think you have to wait for an upgrade. You automatically have it. Dex and Gif are just assholes, and you can see the rift between the two slackers, and the overachieving Bury. The ending had me rolling, as well, because you don’t see it coming.

Overall, Machinima kicked a goal with this episode. Get a look at the game, and get a really funny show.




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