Shorts Review: Forest Patrol by @rhettandlink




Have you ever laid awake at night, tired to the point of delirium, and count sheep? Boring as all hell, right? That’s the exact reason why I don’t count sheep. Instead, I take two completely random characters and place them in awkward and hilarious situations. Hell, if I’m gonna have insomnia, I might as well enjoy it right? And what better way to enjoy lack of sleep than imagining LeVar Burton and Deadmau5 opening a deli. This show feels exactly like one of my apnea induced day dreams in the sense that I’ve often wondered what Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty and Kip form Napoleon Dynamite would be like if they were Park Rangers. The answer is as hilarious as it sounds.


The artwork feels a bit like Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, especially the Dongle, who I’m fairly certain could actually be an imaginary friend. The colors are really nice, not too bright due to the location within the forest. Humor in the show is pretty good, but some of the jokes feel a bit dated. How many times can we really expect “playing dead” in animated shows to work? On the other hand, the voice acting is really well executed. This is a show I could really start to enjoy, I’m just gonna need a few more episodes to make sure my decision is a stroll in the park and not lost in the woods.


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