Seth MacFarlane Says He’s Down For A “Family Guy” Movie But Says, “It Would Be A Real Challenge”


Challenge accepted?

The great Seth MacFarlane was a guest on WTF with Marc Maron the other day where for 90 minutes we got to hear all sorts of MacFarlane tales. Everything from the Family Guy producer’s upbringing in Kent to the Oscars and more, he went through quite a bit. One of the more interesting tidbits is when he mentions wanting to do the long talked about Family Guy movie. During the chat, Seth mentioned that he would love to do a Family Guy movie despite today’s current outrage at comedy that isn’t always politically correct. In fact, the challenge he’s most looking forward to is since he’s been away from producing on the show for so long, he’d like to see how he would revisit these characters in a writers’ capacity.

Seth and the producers of Family Guy have been teasing a movie for several years. However, Seth’s got a bunch on his plate, like producing The Orville, getting ready to star in a new Showtime series The Loudest Voice in the Room, and doing his live music gigs. That said, he’s a workaholic, sometimes to our detriment as Family Guy fans whom definitely know the difference between episodes in which he wrote on and ones he didn’t have anything to do with. Seth was recently on Kimmel and even admitted that he’s actually a little behind on catching up on American Dad episodes, so if the guy can’t even watch his own shit, you know he’s swamped!

Still, a Family Guy movie? Count me in! The Simpsons, South Park, Beavis and Butthead, and others have successfully made movie adaptations of their respective series and have done so well, we’d be crazy to not think this movie couldn’t see similar success.

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