‘Sesame Street’ Releases ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoof: “Game of Chairs”

Game of Chairs

The more Game of Thrones spoofs released, the more I realize that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remain culturally relevant without watching the HBO series. Last week we had “Game of Smurfs,” and now I present to you: “Game of Chairs.”

In the six-minute skit, Grover Bluejoy (Grover, if you didn’t catch that) goes up against a Muppet resembling the character of Joffrey while attempting to determine the royal succession in the kingdom of “Jestero.” The crown is to be decided using a game of musical chairs with three seats resembling the Iron Throne, built with ping pong paddles.

Of course there’s a lot less violence than the real fantasy show, but comments seem to indicate that it’s a quality spoof. For instance, in addition to the plot there are several dialogue parodies, such as “The night is dark and full of terrors,” becoming “The monster is blue and full of errors.” The clip ends by with an additional comment, which even those unfamiliar with the show should understand: “Bring a sweater,” says the new king. “I think winter is coming.”

Gonzo Green

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