Season 3 of Tender Touches bursts with fun storylines and interesting characters. The usual improvisatory silliness of Adult Swim’s fourth-wall-breaking series is present from top to bottom, with the first episode of the season pushing it to the limit. Nearly minutes after the episode seems to be over, the random conversation had by the guys is continuously coupled with animation to the point that Charlene goes meta enough to mention breaking the fifth wall.

This installment of Tender Touches lives up to its name and then some. Some of the best lines in the series are definitely in the newest season. Sure, the first two seasons were high, but the guys stepped it up this season.

Also, the cast held nothing back and instead pushed it to the limit of what the aesthetic of the series allows. It is easy to tell that the voice actors have grown more comfortable as time has gone on, running with whatever lines are spoken and ultimately even bringing about the apocalypse.

There wasn’t as much Charlene in this season. She had her storyline in which she finally realizes her dream of opening a passion-filled (and passion fruit-filled) bakery. The names that she comes up with for the new business, such as “Fun in the Croissant,” make the entire plot worth it. However, that is generally the extent of her time in the third season. With Curtis finally growing a set of balls and pushing for a divorce, regulating Charlene to the shadows – and nobody puts baby in the corner.

I was pleased with the number of characters this season had to offer. With Charlene pulling away from the spotlight, there was room for other players like Steve’s new girlfriend Michelle, Curtis’s rival-turned-band-mate Taishi, the trippy Ratman, and even Petey Beetle.

Michelle’s character helped even out the group dynamic and set up a predictable yet hilarious sub-plot between Steve and Curtis. Of course, with the history between Charlene and Steve that predates even Season 1, it makes perfect sense for Curtis to yearn for Michelle and attempt to wedge himself between them. Unfortunately for him, an attempt is as far as he made it.

Steve and Curtis put aside their differences and combine their powers for once, starting a band alongside Taishi. It helps to set up the intense apocalyptic ending of the season, but good luck getting their hit song “What’s That Pounding?” out of your head.

The apocalypse comes and goes, but unfortunately, not everybody makes it on the frigates, despite Michelle’s warnings. Hopefully, that will mean exciting things for a potential Season 4, but we’ll have to wait for an official renewal before that happens.

Top to bottom, Season Three of Tender Touches is easily the best installment of the Adult Swim series yet. Not only does the cast sound more comfortable in their roles, but the story beats and jokes in this season are outrageous. If there is another season, it’s going to have big shoes to fill.