Season Review: Momo’s Amerika Season One

Comedy Central Animated figures to have a big 2022. The animation arm of Comedy Central is readying launches of new series on social networks, TV, and other avenues. Helping to kick off 2022 is a new four-part 2D animated comedy series from creator Abdallah Ibrahim entitled Momo’s Amerika. The series revolves around Momo, an Arabian immigrant who has been living in California for ten years and is doing his best to survive by taking odd jobs to pay bills and find what makes him happy.

Each of the other episodes typically run under ten minutes, but a majority of the jokes you’ve heard before elsewhere. Despite the show being produced by Egyptian-born producer Abdallah Ibrahim, none of his personality seems to emanate in this show. Instead, light political humor, dated jokes about drugs, and even COVID-19 gags showcase an almost Family Guy but without anything funny in it. The looks alright, a brightly colored suburban setting indicative of animated comedies of the same ilk, but if this show wants some true legs, it’s gonna need to hire a decent writer’s room.


John Schwarz

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