Season Review: Hook Ups (@HookUpsTV)


There is something to be said about how influential the outreach of American animated shows have been over lets say the last 20 years. We say it all the time over here at Bubbleblabber as we seem to be the only ones highlighting this influence, but we love that. Take for instance the first full season called Hook Ups coming straight from New Zealand by way strip creator Jess Harnell and Fumes.TV, a series that looks rather inspired by your typical artist colony that you could see in Brooklyn or LA, but typified through the magnifying glass from a country about 16 hours away.

The series follows Kowhai the usually more ambitious twin sibling to the more  Jay Mewes-inspired Monty Hook both of whom are looking to live day-by-day by trying to do everything in their power to keep a roof over their heads all the while trying to get their two man band off of the ground. The typical episode sees Kowhai act as the more educated half of the duo, but Monty Hook usually comes out the hero with his adorkable personality that wins out.

Overall, yes the animation is crude, and a lot of the humor is somewhat dry complete with again Jay Mewes-esque pot jokes that I do think are out of style, but I do think this show has a heart somewhere and it lies somewhere I just don’t know where. Hopefully for season 2, we can see some shore ups on dialogue and presentation. And no, it has nothing to do with location, for proof of that check out C.R.U.M.B.S. 

6 out of 10