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Five or so years ago, Brogan: Master of Castles would’ve been coming in at a great time. With the likes of Prison Pit, Superjail, King Star King, Mr. Pickles, and others coming on board, a series about mindless violence can grow into something truly special. Brogan: Master of Castles belongs in this category of show, however, has come WAY too late and doesn’t have anywhere near the strength in the writing department as the aforementioned show.

For those that don’t know, Brogan: Master of Castles follows a lowly prince named Evan who just started shacking up with Queen Swallow with the constant gag being that the Queen isn’t all that attractive to Evan unless if he hulks up and turns into Brogan, a crazy Conan like character that helps defend the Queen’s castle with a gaggle of his cohorts. That said, there really isn’t presented that much of a viable threat to anyone to the Queen’s castle. Yes, there are bad guys, but they aren’t that great at being bad guys and usually screw up in trying to stage any sort of invasion worth talking about.

As mentioned, the meat and potatoes of the show is it’s gratuitous violence. It’s usually rather brief, and nothing too out of the ordinary for a show of this ilk, but still fun nonetheless. Unfortunately, the premise of the show is so simple there’s nothing really to invest in as a streaming series which has been the crux of VRV/Mondo’s problems ever since Gary And His Demons ended it’s run. Add in the fact that Brogan: Master of Castles recaps every episode with, a recap, and you get boilerplate reasons why the show just barely works. In today’s world of streaming where I can get animated violence anywhere, Brogan: Master of Castles is a relic of a past that was much much better.

John Schwarz

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