RTX 2019 Recap: RWBY Panel

It’s a time for Big Changes and hopefully good ones.

So much RWBY-info has gathered for the past few days, but none of this would’ve been possible without the efforts of fans across the internet (especially Tumblr), who feverishly collected this Info to help you catch-up in case you missed out on this bigtime publicized event. So without further ado, here’s the RWBY RTX 2019 Panel featuring the voice cast of RWBY, along with the two head-writers Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross clearly all were there promoting Volume 7 of RWBY which is premiering November 2nd.

Part 1

Part 2

Within this two-part video, Miles and Kerry have stated that they’re currently working on the last chapter of Volume 7 already, but they’re not doing it alone, as they’ve added 2 new people to their writing staff in an effort to keep things efficient. While they have stated that they’re proud of Volume 6 and how it turned out, they still wanted to be more on top of things, hence new writers. Also, no character trailers this time as they wanted to focus on the show and avoid unwanted crunch times & deadlines.

Recently announced, Rwby’s release date is November 2nd, along with a promotional poster of the team sporting new looks.

The plot to this season is as follows:

“In Volume 7, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang have fought hard alongside their friends to bring the Relic of Knowledge to Atlas, the northernmost Kingdom in Remnant. However, the futuristic urban-sprawl may hide just as much danger as the Grimm-infested tundra that surrounds it. Enemies and allies will collide as our heroes fight to stop Salem’s forces, but banding together is dangerous when you don’t know who you can trust.”

The recently announced line of RWBY comics published by DC.

Lots and lots of new merch was shown, but particular attention is given to life-size replica Crescent Rose, life-size Zwei plush, a Nora Jacket, World of RWBY Official Companion Book which is basically an art book covering Volumes 1 through 6.

Also, coming October 8th. A new book was also announced, RWBY: Before the Dawn. Not much else said about it but Barbara (The Voice of Yang) made endless BDSM jokes about it.

As previously talked about, RWBY Crystal Quest is a match three puzzle game using the Chibi art style. Coming by the end of July.

And finally, on the subject of online games, Knights Chronicle x RWBY collaboration discussed, with a trailer shown. Release date is July 11th.

Starting now through July 31, players and RWBY fans alike will be able to attract the powerful members of Team RWBY – Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long – and the deadly Maiden of Fall, Cinder Fall, from the world of Remnant into their roster of powerful heroes through Knights Chronicle’s Summon Shop. These updates include: An all-new Advent Dungeon where fans can win over Cinder Fall into their party and learn how the worlds of Knights Chronicle and RWBY come together in an all-new story, All-new costumes for Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long and Cinder Fall themed after their Beacon Academy uniforms, And a limited-time check-in event where players can simply log-in and earn a free 4★ SSR RWBY hero.

Our Take

Despite the recent controversy going on within RoosterTeeth of them replacing Vic Mignogna with Jason Liebrecht for the voice of Qrow along with the changed release date from October to November, the show and fanbase are still going strong and I look forward to the new directions the story & characters will take in Vol.7

I also gotta say it’s kinda comical that Tumblr is quick to jump the gun  with the impulsive assumption about Blake’s shortened hairstyle being a bisexual haircut but for those of you who don’t know this about Japanese culture: shortening your hair symbolizes leaving an old chapter in your life behind to start a new one, and given that Adam is now officially out of the picture, it’d make sense she’d do that.

RWBY Vol. 7 premieres November 2nd on Roosterteeth.

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