RTX 2018 Recap: RWBY Panel

It’s 2018 and it’s still a good year to be a RWBY Fan!

So much RWBY-info has gathered for the past two days but thanks to the efforts of fans across the internet (especially the people of Tumblr), we are here to help you catch-up in case you missed out on this bigtime publicized event.

So without further ado, here’s the RWBY RTX 2018 Panel featuring the voice cast of RWBY, along with the two head-writers Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross. They were there promoting Volume 6 of RwBy which is premiering this fall starting with a theatrical premiere happening October 26th.

Day 1 Panel.

The Day 2 Panel featuring Anna Hullum (The Voice of Yang’s mother and Qrow’s sister, Raven Branwen) The Audio starts at 1:20.

Aside from the recently announced Vol. 6 Release Date, Volume 6 will have one Character Short Trailer that’s said to be centered around a White Fang flashback tied with the character Adam Taurus that will be Available online in 2 weeks. We were also shown early concept designs for a Towering Grimm creature called a “Manticore” which looks terrifyingly awesome.

A manga adaptation based around the first three RWBY Volumes is said to be released in the coming months with art by Kohei Kusu. Adaptations of Vol.4 & 5 could be coming possibly next year in 2019 and simultaneously serialized in both Japanese and English.

Set for the Summer of 2019 and to be published in as a joint-effort with RoosterTeeth & Scholastic, A RWBY Young Adult novel called “After The Fall” was recently announced. The book itself will focus on the supporting RWBY characters of Team Coffee (CFVY) in their adventures after the events of Vol.3 and beyond their “Shade Academy” in Vacuo. With RWBY head writers Miles Luna & Kerry Shawcross as creative consultants, the book will be written by award-winning author E.C. Myers and had this to say about it:

“When Scholastic approached us about doing a series of novels, we knew we wanted to explore some untold stories in the RWBY universe,” said Shawcross. “We’re excited to share a new adventure with Team CFVY in this first book and we can’t wait for people to be able to read it.”

New Merch lines, POP style figurines team RWBY in new outfits; Series 3 of the mystery figures with teams RWBY/JNPR/Oscar/Qrow/Raven/Cinder.

Various merch announcements from Hot Topic, Forever 21, Gamestop and FYE.

3 RWBY songs coming to Rock Band 4 Rivals.

A Mobile RWBY game called Amity Arena is available for pre-register but for more info about it click here.

The RWBY game that’s been out for a while on PS4, Xbox One and Steam simply titled “Grimm Eclipse” is getting a free DLC update, such as pajama costumes (including Pyrrha and Ren), v4 outfits, new maps for single player and Horde mode, plus a new mode which at this very moment has all yet to be announced.

And finally, a little thing mentioned at the panel, a new Co-Director has joined the team by the name of Connor Pickens who at one point was an editor on the series for several years.

Our Take

With each consistent year, RoosterTeeth knows how to cater to their fans in terms of merchandise and information while simultaneously leaving fans wanting more. The merchandising deals seem solid enough for fans to shop at their desired locations, and I’m even more impressed that after a year-or-so, their Grimm Eclipse game which started out as a fan-made passion project, is getting an update.

The Voice cast and writers being interviewed all seem to have fun responding to fan questions while opening emotional wounds with hilariously awful in-jokes & memes of the bad things that happened within the show, but at least they aren’t mean-spirited about it like most CW writers often are to their own fans.

Stay tuned for more RWBY & RoosterTeeth-related updates from us here at Bubbleblabber.com!

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