Rooster Teeth Animation Festival 2018 Announced

Will Adult Swim return?

Rooster Teeth Animation Festival is nearly here and the event is shaping up to be massive. Cyanide & Happiness, How It Should’ve Ended, Flashgitz, Frederator, Neebs Gaming, OnlyLeigh and Rooster Teeth’s own ScrewAttack are all slated for the event where fans can meet RT celebs, attend panels and screenings, and a whole lot more.

This comes off the heels of the producers of Cyanide & Happiness setting up a Patreon as their Youtube web series appears to be in trouble. Passes are available here.

RTX is the world’s greatest celebration of gaming, animation, comedy, and internet culture. With events in London, Sydney, and its flagship convention in Austin, TX, RTX is where amazing entertainment and the best fans in the world meet up for the best weekend of the year.

Rooster Teeth is slated to be streaming a new animation pilot later this month.