Get the stories on all of your favourite side characters

Rick and Morty Presents comic books are one-shot spinoff stories centred around some of the franchises more beloved side characters. Each issue has featured a different character (or characters) that have appeared in one or more episode of the TV series. The Presents title continues with next months Rick and Morty Presents: Mr. Meeseeks, but not before today’s release of the first collected edition of the first four issues.

The titles included in the trade paperback are:

Rick and Morty Presents: The Vindicators – Featuring the Rick and Morty in-universe superhero team in an adventure that spoofs on the crossover superhero movie genre.

Rick and Morty Presents: Krombopulos Michael – The lovable intergalactic assassin that just loves to kill gets his own adventure where he gets to do a lot of his favourite thing.

Rick and Morty Presents: Sleepy Gary – Jerry’s long lost love returns to live out the life that the two always dreamed of while Rick and Morty do everything they can to get in their way.

Rick and Morty Presents: Pickle Rick – Everybody’s favourite Pickle returns for another adventure which involves teaming up with a banana to fight Snowball and his army of robot dogs.

Each of these titles is worth reading on their own. Which makes this collected edition of all four books well worth the price of admission. In fact, these comics have been somewhat of a favourite with us giving this collection a total average score of 8 out of 10. If you haven’t read any of these titles yet, this volume would be worth picking up. Heck, even if you have read them all, this may be worth having as part of your collection.

Jesse Bereta

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