Review: WTF 101 “Parasites”

You may need something topical for this one.

Remember the animated episodes of Adam Ruins Everything as seen on TruTV last year? So, take a series that looks like that, keeps the educational portions of it, and you’ve got a good idea of what WTF101 is. Instead of learning about history, WTF 101 is a science bend with Professor Foxtrot at the helm taking us to different worlds to, in this case, learn about the world’s parasites and the humorous outcomes of getting too close to things that can probably cause some sort of disease or injury if you get too close.

For the premiere episodes, we don’t even get that much dialogue, most of the show surrounds Foxtrot (Mary Pat Gleason) with her detention students AT BEST providing for added comedic value support which includes Mindy (Katie Marovitch), Jason (Raphael Chestang), River (Ally Beardsley), and Brad (Zac Oyama). But, make no mistake, for this show to work Foxtrot is the “Adam” for this series, and really the character is somewhat a derivative smash up of Uncle Grandpa and Miss Frizzle. It’s not a bad thing, and in fact, I quite enjoyed learning all about “Parasites” much in the same way I like learning about wolves and whatnot on the Joe Rogan Podcast. It’s not so much the journey as it is the trip that’s of value here. Anyone expecting any deep-entrenched plots, even with a ten-minute runtime, that’s not what this show wants to be. Instead, you’ll appreciate the small nugget of knowledge you gain about whatever it is Foxtrot is trying to teach us.

John Schwarz

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