Overview (Spoilers Below)

The gang go to the beach and enjoy the sun, the sand, and the drugs. The effect of the latter differs depending on everybody with Glenn fucking a tree, Marney making a visit to the ocean until a bulking shark scares her back home, and Hudson actually impresses the others with his zen trance.

Our Take

And so goes the first season of Wild Life. We’ll go into further detail in the season review the pros and cons of the series, but the finale is a perfect summation of what new fans can expect if they’ve been waiting for a chance to jump into this one. You don’t have to worry about any serious arcs, just silly storylines that involve drugs or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Glenn fucking a log is hilarious, and the end result of the now satisfied inanimate object was one of the funniest sights all season long. Also, every show gets to show off their psychedelic sequences, and while Wild Life isn’t going to make you forget Beavis and Butt-Head’s anytime soon, it’s still a well done trance sequence. That said, I felt this episode suffered from its run-time the most as there were a lot of fun ideas for lengthening the various bits that were adorned throughout leading to a rushed climax. It’s possible I’m spoiled by more bingeworthy fare at this juncture, but I think even a 22-minute episode would’ve done a lot for this one. Still a solid episode for a solid first season of Wild Life.


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