Review: We Bare Bears “The Mall”

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Overview (Spoilers Below)

The bears head to the mall and everyone’s got their own reason in being there. Grizz wants to play an arcade game but ends up working security with Chris, Pan Pan wants to get in on a celeb signing where he runs into Tom while standing in line, and Ice Bear goes head to head with Isaac in an ice skating contest.

Just as Grizz is about to leave the not so glamorous task of guarding a mall where nothing ever happens, a code red is called following Pan Pan being chased through the store by two guys who cut them in line at the celeb signing. When Pan Pan gets his shirt all messed up, he opts to take his own life, but Ice Bear and Isaac team up and save him. Everyone gets to meet Esteller, the celeb that was part of the signing from earlier, and she’s pretty good at video games, too!

Our Take

We’ve seen mall bits before, Family Guy, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, and a slew of others have been here. For my money, The Loud House actually did a LOT of this exact same plot last year, so, quite frankly, I’m a tad worn out by the mall. That said, the trademark We Bare Bears brush of brilliance is very much intact here and was on full display during the hilarious climax which included a runaway train barreling down the causeway leading to Pan Pan trying to leap off the upper deck. Yea, there are a couple of plot holes, but I didn’t care enough to reiterate them because this is the most fun at the fall I’ve had in 2019 thus far.



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