Review: We Bare Bears “Tabes & Charlie”

All in the family.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Tabes leaves the Bears behind at her house so she can go out and find her missing dog, “Kirk”. She comes across Charlie who acts as a guide for the park ranger not just above ground but in the forest underground as well. Their travels lead them to a wolf cave where we learned that Kirk must’ve got out and fucked a wolf because now he’s got wolf puppies. Tabes returns home to find her house burned to the ground thanks to the bears.

Our Take

I would’ve liked to have seen what went down with the Bears as I bet the episode would’ve been funnier than this. Still, though, Charlie episodes really do have a mind of their own and are great for mixing things up. And who knew that Kirk was part wolf? I sure as hell didn’t. And who knew Kirk was out banging out other wolves on the side while Tabes wasn’t looking?  That said, someone WAS being taken away in an ambulance when Tabes returned home and, as such, I would’ve liked to have seen how that all went down.

John Schwarz

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