Review: We Bare Bears “Spa Day”

Find if this week’s episode is a day at the spa.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week, the bears head to the spa because Grizz has a coupon that grants the trio anything they want for practically nothing. Once there, Grizz gets the massage, the mud baths, the food, and eventually a painful looking pat down that costs extra money. When the owner of the spa tries to collect, Grizz finds out that his coupon’s actually for another spa and nearly gets the cops called on him until…

…Ice Bear heads to the rec room for the spa and has his Forrest Gump moment with the ping pong clique. Eventually, he goes one on one with the manager of the spa whereby the bears wouldn’t have to pay if Ice Bear wins…but he doesn’t so…

Pan-Pan’s in the steam room with the spa manager’s dad but he’s a bit creepy and Pan can’t get out of the room because the door is stuck. With the old man fading, Pan saves the guy by barging through the door and bringing him to the spa manager. Because of Panda’s heroics, the bears get a free all-day pass at the spa.

Our Take

I was looking for ANY “Happy Ending” gag that usually accompanies any premise that involves an Asian-owned spa, but perhaps that might be too cliche nowadays. In any event, this was your typical Bears episode where all three get in trouble and one of them has to save the day. There were definitely some laugh-em-up moments with perhaps my favorite being the obvious Forrest Gump homage, and I liked how whenever the Korean characters spoke that we really didn’t get any sort of a translation because it almost builds a new mystery into the DNA of the series. I’m sure the show’s creator, Daniel Chong, loved EVERY bit of not giving us non-bilingual speakers those scenes as well he should.


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