Review: We Bare Bears “Road Trip”

No Breckin Meyer to be found.

Spoilers Below

Chloe and the bears head to a meteor shower and pick up a hitchhiker at a rest stop on the way. Ice Bear leaves Wyatt behind by accident but refuses to go back and runs out of gas anyway. Fortunately, Wyatt shows up with his biker gang and help the crew get gas and finish their trip in time for the meteor shower.

Our Take

I could’ve done without that overly cliched sea captain, but overall a solid episode of We Bare Bears. I was a bit disappointed at first that Ron Funches wound up playing a character that looks like him in real life (or a prior version since Ron ended up losing a bunch of weight) as opposed to some sort of animalistic character, but I ended up warming up to “Wyatt”. I guess I was so thoroughly engrossed in Ice Bear’s range of emotions, little things like that didn’t bother me. The imagery near the end shows the muscle that this franchise has behind the scenes.


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