Sir fry.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

The baby bears are in Japan and run into a restaurant featuring a young lady responsible for most of the cooking behind the counter. Her name is Kasume, and her dad is infamous for his ramen which sucks because Kasume’s ramen isn’t very good. Appreciative of the free food and hospitality they had received on a super hot day, the baby bears opt to help the young chef with helping her prepare the perfect ramen recipe so as to impress her father. Thanks to the bears, she does just that with a bowl of ramen not needing a broth which is perfect for the hot summer days.

Our Take

This week’s episode is so good, a “Ramen” episode of We Bare Bears could legitimately work as a 12-episode anime on Funimation today, just with way better writing than a lot of the stuff we get on Funimation. Romi Dames is a guest voice for our young chef and this is coming from a guy who doesn’t like Japanese language tracks in my anime (I prefer English dubs). The bears are just as cushy as ever, and even with one too many montages,



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