Review: We Bare Bears “Mom App”

Same episode, different show…

Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

Hoping to finally get the mom-experience that was denied to them growing up, the titular Bears use an app that’ll bring a motherly-type figure right to their doorstep, but with hilarious yet slightly predictable results…

Our Take

While it’s easy to understand the motivations behind why the Bears themselves would partake in such a strange endeavor, the episode itself had a near-identical plot-structure to something else I reviewed a while back.

Thankfully it manages to differentiate itself to some degree while managing to deliver on the laughs by finding new ways to poke fun at the motherly archetypes it’s blatantly satirizing.

For example, When Panda chooses mom-figure, named “Linda” she at first comes across as the upper-class overly extravagant type, but her true colors are shown to be the brutally demanding & judgemental “tiger mom” caricature that’s sadly prevalent in most Asian cultures (Chi-Chi from DBZ being the clearest example of this). In the episode, we were also graced with Jane Lynch voicing the aggressively athletic mom-archetype “Tank” who pulls off the unique balance of being both funny and terrifying.

Overall, while the plot to “Mom App” felt like a copy/paste job of a different show I previously covered, the latter is miles above better than the former as the jokes were solid, And the ending had a clear message that helped the Bears realize that at that the end of the day, even if they none of them grew up with a motherly-figure, the answer to what they truly needed in their lives was right in front of them the whole time.


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