Review: We Bare Bears “El Oso”

Is this episode worth a long walk in the desert?

Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

In a flashback that takes place in the wild west of 1913, Charlie has an adventure within the Mexican desert.

Our Take

Despite being a likable & delightful presence throughout the show as a recurring character. Charlie the Bigfoot (Voiced by Jason Lee) has a mysterious past that we the audience don’t know much about before he met the three Bear Brothers in our current time period, that was never exactly touched upon until now.

As the title implies, Charlie encounters a Mexican Outlaw known as the titular “El Oso” (which ironically translates in Spanish for “The Bear”) who hilariously mistakes him as a Chupacabra due to a random wanted poster that somehow has his image on it. But of course, Charlie isn’t anything like that murderous beast.

During his encounter, Charlie also comes across three other outlaws associated with Oso, who seem more villainous and underhanded in comparison, but much of charlie’s humor in this specific situation works in terms of his interactions with these relatively new characters. But near the end, we do learn about some specific words of wisdom Charlie could’ve taken to heart during this Oso adventure and how it shaped him as an individual.

Overall, while it doesn’t answer every question, in regards to Charlie’s past, “El Oso” was fun to watch and kinda gives we the audience, the implication that he could be possibly hundreds or thousands of years old, which has potential for many other Charlie-related solo stories we could see in the future. I also have a plausible theory about how Charlie’s Image could’ve made it to a Wanted poster, but that remains to be seen if they’ll ever explain how that happened in later episodes.


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