Review: TripTank “HotBox”

Man in Womb is my favorite series of the year so far.

Spoilers Below

Bethiffer gets a job at a mall as a security guard;

After a string of interviews that go nowhere, the girls get jobs as security guards. Unfortunately, Bethiffer doesn’t take the job too seriously and ends up getting tazed and fired. She still gets to keep the ‘Cucci’ bags.


Ricky the Rocketship spoils a school play;

In fairness, its a rather terrible play all around. Ricky shows up to save it but ends up setting the place on fire and impaling one of the kids. Ricky piles all of the bodies on to a wheel barrow and destroys the evidence.


Jerk Chicken creates a disturbance at a local bar. 

He insults a couple of patrons and knocks over drinks and nearly gets thrown out of the bar, but he’s able to get his drinks. Eventually, Jerk Chicken hits on an ugly chick and gets smashed.


Other Sketches

Farts are funny, Interstitials, Ask Google First, Ma & Frankie, Bust It, Dream Wizard, Puppet Cops, World’s First…

Best Sketch

Ricky the Rocketship

Worst Sketch

Bust It

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