REVIEW: THE SIMPSONS “Hardly Kirk-ing”

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Despite being on television for 25 seasons, Marge thinks that the content isn’t always suitable for kids and as a result she tells everyone to go outside for at the very least 24 hours. To help find entertainment more suitable for kids, Marge takes Homer and the girls to a bookstore while Milhouse and Bart stay behind…alone! Obviously, this means trouble and it comes in the form of Bart accidentally shaving Milhouse’s head which gives the little dork the appearance of his father, complete with a strangling necktie for the voice.  At first, Bart uses just Milhouse’s new voice to get some cool proclivities, including the chance to sleep over Milhouse’s, but even that doesn’t get Bart’s rocks off…the fix? Stilts!

With Milhouse on stilts, he looks even more like his dad, and as a result him and Bart are able to do a bunch of cool shit like voting and crashing trucks Eventually, Milhouse and Bart bring Lisa up into the action and offer to take her to a jazz club down town. That said, getting into the city with no money is hard to do, so after the kids hit up an old DVD lawsuit for $$20, they decide to just go to a condo sales seminar where they have free pancakes.

After Marge talks to Luann, she and Homer come to the realization that there kids may be in trouble so they head off downtown thinking that they went to the jazz club. That is until Homer’s ADD sets in and he sees the free breakfast sign that luckily helps reunite the kids and their ‘rents. Of course, Marge has to be the wet blanket and turn Milhouse in to his real dad, but turns out Kirk is fine with it. Eat shit, Marge!

I have no idea what that whole thing with Homer was, as it looks like the writers just gave him a plush toy to chew on to keep him away from any substantial plot,  that and Marge was extra naggy tonight, two items that I thought would have been more prevalent in the advertised Maggie plot, but neither of these things happen. Granted, the main plot was great, but I felt that the initial setup could’ve paved the way for a great plot. That said Milhouse was really funny as Kirk, although I think a little more time in Bart and Milhouse getting into trouble would’ve sent this thing soaring where instead we get side tracked by Lisa wanting to do a jazz club. Really? How could two 10 year old boys want any part of a jazz club? The laughs were there, the plots weren’t, but at least we got to see ‘Longest Day Care’!

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(7.0 out of 10)

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