REVIEW THE SIMPSONS “Homer Goes to Prep School”

You would think an episode guest starring Tom Waits would be great right?? Well….

Spoilers Below

After Homer gets his head rung at the local play-place, he starts imagining Springfield’s residents turning into monkeys! Later at the bar, Homer meets a guy named Lloyd who tells him all about the end of the world and introduces him to ‘Preppers’ a group hell bent on making sure that they are prepared for cataclysmic events. Despite not being allowed to tell anyone, Homer decides to teach Bart the ways of how to prepare for when the world ends, and takes part in a movie marathon of posy-apocalyptic films. Marge on the other hand really doesn’t buy into all of the bull shit.

Ironically enough, due o Homers ineptitude at avoiding a disaster at the plant, an electromagnetic post goes off and wipes out all of the electronics leaving people in the dark..except the Preppers! As a result, Homer takes his family to a hide away, but Marge is still a bit leery about this whole deal and as such starts her naggin’. Because of said naggin’ Homer opts to grab his family, take a bunch of supplies, and head to Springfield in an effort to help the town. However, once they show up they find out the power had already come back on and everyone’s fine. Turns out the ‘Preppies’ were nuts and making mountains out of mole hills.

Its the first The Simpsons of the new year and it comes off kind of bland. Usually, Tom Waits is in an incredible actor having been in movies like The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and Mystery Men, but for whatever reason I didn’t think his role as ‘Larry’ was particularly funny and instead added a helping of dullness. As a result, the whole episode stutters before it really gets started and we end up with another plot where the Simpsons leave town, then come back like nothing ever happened. To be honest, I think I would have rather sat in class at a prep school, than sit and watch this episode again.

thumbs down


(6.0 out of 10)

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