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After a tornado moves through Springfield, Homer and Marge end up in the Springfield bank that just landed on top of them. Thankfully the two get out of their confines, but the kids were really worried, but the parents wonder what would happen if they were to both die with their kids still young. Unfortunately, family and friends doesn’t work and the local townsfolk want nothing to do with the Simpson kids but their luck changes when they meet a young surfing couple that are wealthy, healthy, and looking for something to fulfill their lives. The couple go by the names of Mav and Portia and despite only knowing the Simpsons for a little bit they decide to do just that.  After signing on the dotted line, Mav and Portia decide to take the kids for the weekend while Marge and Homer spend time on their own.  Weirdly enough, they just happen to stroll past a frame shop that shows the kids with their new parents which has Homer and Marge thinking their kids have just been robbed! When Homer and Marge get to the Guardians’ cabin, they give the kids right back after fessing up to their misunderstanding.

This was one of those episodes where it started great! We had a hurricane that led to such an unlikely circumstance followed by a bunch of great one liners, but the plot was held  loosely toothpicked together like one of those little sandwiches at a buffet in that it doesn’t stay intact and a lot of fingers have been through it.  I also thought the climax was lame as there wasn’t much of a struggle between the two sides and the kids came back home rather quickly. Rashida Jones was very good as Portia, but with a hammed plot she is underutilized and as a result I think this one falls by the wayside.

thumbs down

(6.0 out of 10)

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