“School of Shock”

Lisa Loud the most hyper-intelligent child in her first-grade classroom takes over as Teacher for a day and learns that there’s more to teaching than just knowing facts…


Leni the oldest sibling of the Louds goes toe-to-toe with the mayor in a city-wide Royal Woods election.

Our Take

During the course of the former episode, wacky hijinks ensue with Lisa one-upping her first-grade teacher Miss Allegra in every turn with her facts and hyper-advanced knowledge. What’s easily the biggest plot-hole in this episode is that despite Lisa being wise beyond her years, you’d think they’d actually put her in an advanced school meant for kids like her but then again, we wouldn’t have an episode otherwise. By the end of the episode, Lisa learns that what she herself actually lacks in teaching skills is something very basic and human that even the most hyper-advanced minds rarely try to do when it comes to interacting with their students.

For the latter episode, much of the humor comes from Leni’s Internship job as she tends to misinterpret specific political words and phrases that are election-related with Mayor Davis finding them funny and charming. But when Leni herself tries to dip her toes into politics as a campaign-rival to Davis, it progressively gets ugly when Davis begins to see her as a primary threat which serves mostly as a character study that puts a negative light on political advisors when it comes to competition. But at the end of the day, staying true to yourself and your principles is what should matter more than campaign smearing.

Overall, both unique and interesting episodes that excel in laughs, but also convey unique lessons about learning to connect with people and to not lose sight of what you believe in.

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