Review: The Hollywood Puppet Show “The Fat Jewish and King Bach “

Marionette your ass in here!


The Fat Jewish

Josh Ostrovsky tells a story about heading to Los Angeles where, while driving, he runs into Anna Nicole Smith stranded on the side of the highway with two flat tires. Instead of waiting for a tow truck, Anna decides to go with Josh to a local burger joint and then invites him back to her hotel. The duo decides to clear out the mini bar which then leads to more mischief which includes Anna Nicole getting her face tatted on Jew’s back shoulder which is still there. Now, all we need to do is make sure he didn’t steal this story from another comedian before retelling it.




King Bach

Andrew Bachelor tells a tale about calling an Uber who decides to pick up a few other riders along the way, one of them being a nice girl on the way. The next person to get in the car? Andrew’s ex-girlfriend Charlotte. Shit gets uncomfortable because Andrew wants to ask out the other girl while his ex-sits in the front seat flirting with the Uber driver. Eventually, the situation gets so nuts that the driver gets into an accident while Andrew rekindles with a past flame.



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