Review: The Fairly OddParents “Crockin’ The House”

Let’s Crock this joint.

Spoilers Below

Mr. Crocker’s mother leaves the house which inspires the sulking cat-lover to bribe Timmy to help him have fun while Dolores is gone. Tim comes up with the idea of throwing a party, and Chloe helps supply the guests. Foop and friends even crash the party even though Dolores said they weren’t allowed in, but when the mother returns she ends up being thrilled that her son actually had some fun for a change.

Our Take

Meh, not a lot of jokes this week, more of a filler type episode that has a happy ending. Maybe Timmy getting shot at with “F”‘s and the fact that Crocker more or less bribed a student for a good grade…but not much else.



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