Review: The Fairly OddParents “Birthday Battle: Transmorphers Versus Unicorns”


Spoilers Below

“Birthday Battle: Transmorphers Versus Unicorns”

It’s Timmy’s birthday but he’s gotta share his wishes for his special day with Chloe of whom also has a birthday. Both sides want the craziest birthday ever so a battle between Chloe and Timmy is officially on. Chloe launches a unicorn-themed party while Timmy goes Transmorphers. But the battle gets even crazier as Timmy gets magic nachos while Chloe gets elves and no homework passes while the Transmorphers get a battle with their mortal enemies. It isn’t long before all of the wishes decide to turn against Chloe and Timmy for ruining their days until the fairies get everything back to normal.

Our Take

I wish the battles were a bit more intense between all of the ancillary characters because really for the most part nothing happened, rather everyone just showed up. Even the argument between Chloe and Timmy ended rather quickly. Maybe more dinosaurs next time?

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