Review: The Doc McStuffins Christmas Special

This one is all sorts of wrong.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Kids are going without their Christmas presents so Doc decides to go see Santa to see what the fuck is going on. Doc transports to 24 hours earlier, Christmas Eve, and finds an abandoned North Pole. We find Tobias the Elf sobbing in the dark and find out that the power has gone out and Santa is nowhere to be found. The McStuffins crew heads back to Harrisburg and lets the town know the deal with Santa and the North Pole, so everyone opts to pitch in and do their best to fill Santa’s black boots. The crew specifically focuses on a toy for a little girl named Agnus and soon, Doc agrees to sub in for Santa and deliver toys for all of the kids. After a bit, Santa returns to finish the deliveries.

Our Take

I’m quite surprised that the producers of this series got Jeffrey Tambor to return as Santa given the actor’s rough year as a result of the #MeToo movement. I’ll be curious to see if that kicks up any controversy. In any event, that’s the least of Doc McStuffins’ worries, because the underlying principles of the Christmas special are very materialistic in that the important lesson delivered is “as long as everyone gets their toys, they’ll be happy!” which isn’t supposed to be the correct lesson learned. How about lessons on those who are truly less fortunate this time of the year? Or how “presents” isn’t the TRUE meaning of Christmas? With Disney trying to make sure the minds of children are set in stone in wanting to go to the Disney Store and buy a bunch of shit this time of year, this year’s special is anything but.


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