Review: The Amazing World of Gumball “The Drama”

Love hurts.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Gumball spends the whole day stalking Darwin because he’s worried that his brother’s girlfriend might not be suitable for him. But when Chelsie’s ex-boyfriend shows up for a rendezvous, Gumball learns that love conquers all…especially doubt.

Our Take

Tonight’s episode was by far the most interesting of the bunch. For starters, I love Chelsie’s more demonic tendencies like her flavor of music and her “alternate” way of looking at things. It’s a great contrast with Darwin’s more adorable tendencies and provides for an entertaining dynamic to progress. I also loved the cel-shaded direction during the climax with Gumball dragging Darwin to try and crash the aforementioned meetup between the two exes, a truly dynamic scene that needs to have extra attention shone on it. Overall, a rock-solid episode of Gumball, and of all the episodes to watch this week, this one is the focal point.


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