Review: The Adventures of Kid Danger “Fails”

Was this week’s episode a fail?

Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

A recurring supervillain who goes by the name “Invisible Brad” returns and threatens to upload embarrassing & humiliating videos online of Captain Man and Kid Danger until they reverse the process of his unwanted invisibility.

Our Take

Throughout the majority of this episode, many of the “embarrassing videos” that are frequently uploaded are often the antics of the duo getting into awkward situations that are just as embarrassing as they sound ranging from problems with large zoo animals to getting a particular pimple removed from a specific body-part at a doctor’s office.

You’d think Brad would at least make an effort to make himself not-so-invisible by putting on makeup on his face or at least wearing more than just shades or any sort of clothing that isn’t head-accessories, but it comes off as lazy writing on their end. All of it feels squandered when they don’t do anything smart or interesting with the ideas and concepts of an invisible person in general. If this wasn’t a kids show and did something clever or dark like the film  Hollow Man, it would’ve delved into these ideas to it’s fullest potential in terms of its voyeuristic qualities or the philosophical nature of evil.

What I did feel that became an insult to my intelligence the most was the ending as they do try to uphold to their end of the bargain, but things don’t exactly go the way anyone expected. I’m pretty sure I’d make an effort to keep going after one minor fuck-up, but It also feels somewhat unresolved as your left wondering if Brad would delete any of the videos at all or keep uploading more afterward.

Overall, while I can understand the show likes to re-use recurring characters and villains from the live-action show. It doesn’t do anything smart or memorable to make the proceedings compelling enough for me to give a shit as they frequently use low-brow jokes involving videos of embarrassing situations released on a youtube-style video site and lacks a proper resolution other than a disappointing cop-out of a twist ending.


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