Review: Sugar and Toys “Make Room for Roomie”

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Friday the 13th After Next

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Imagine if one of the greatest slasher films of all time mashed up with Friday. 




Clue’s Clues

Triple OG Steve teaches us all about eating and being healthy. Not healthy? Heroin.




The Lils

The Lils get big and terrorize the downtown area. The army turns to Kaiju to battle the Lils and get rid of ’em.




Snapchat Dance Battles

Two famous dancers use Snapchat as the means to get down.



Other Sketches

Make Room for Roomie, Bi-Curious George, Smash the Patriarchy, One Eye and the Owl

Best Sketch

Friday the 13th After Next

Worst Sketch

Smash the Patriarchy

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