Review: Stone Quackers ‘One Last, Bad Prank


 Spoilers Below

Meet Whit, Clay, Barf, and Dottie as they are scared as shit about pranking. Their sensible friend Dottie convinces the guys to drop the so they decide to stop doing pranks..after one last hurrah. Yep, Whit and Clay are professional pranksters, and Barf is the guy that has to do all of the grunt work. After smashing some poor soul’s car with apples, Officer Barry shows up to take a report. Unfortunately, Barry is a disaster of a police officer, clearly unable to solve any crimes but when a distressed Dottie shows up she names Whit, Clay, and Barf as the guilty parties. Apparently Dottie and Barry are into each other, but the guys don’t seem to care and just head to the diner. We come to find out that Barf actually got his ‘fruit’ from an office that stores cryogenically frozen heads. This, my friends, is a crime and as such the trip head to Mexico, but Barf may have died.

Take Regular Show, but possibly a bit weirder, and you’ve got a good idea of what Stone Quackers is. Created by FOX ADHD vet Ben Jones, you certainly get one of the more adorably sweet shows of the lineup. No over the top violence, none of Dino Stamatopoulos’ gut-busting scripts, just a straight up funny show. The twist ending was tasty as hell, and yea John C. Reilly plays probably my favorite character in Officer Barry. Whit and Clay make for a Superbad-esque team though Bart is probably your more accurate take on the Jonah Hill ‘type’. I was a bit let down by the Dottie character, as I was unsure with how she mixed in with the group, but this is a series that should make FOX look stupid as hell for not giving us a bunch more FOX ADHD.

Animators at ‘Friends Night’…hang in there. I know you guys are surely pissed off about the direction of the this excellent cartoon block, but you guys put out some quality product. Shows like these will look great on your resume.


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