Review: Stone Quackers ”A FAREWELL TO KINGS”


Spoilers Below


Bug runs into a girl at the local fair and according to Barry this girl is WAY out of his league and as such needs to do something sick and crazy to get her attention. Bug, ummm, ‘convinces’ Barry to show him how to bag this classy lady. Barry agrees to do this in phases. Phase one involves getting stung by bees. Phases 2 and 3 involve Bug stealing this guy’s money and opening up a huge corporation where Barf, Whit, and Clay all have jobs, but Barf ends up throwing himself out of a building. Phase 4  sees Barry and Bug rob a pretzel company, but Bug forgets about why he’s doing all this to begin with…getting the girl. Bug goes back to phase 1 and picks out a flower for the girl, and it seems to work because now the two are parents and Dottie pisses on Barry’s leg to cure a jellyfish sting.

Our Take

To quote Will Ferrell…”WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?” First, we get an episode all about Bug…BUG! Second, we get maybe the best episode of Stone Quackers that I’ve ever seen. I mean, Barf kills himself, and Bug has super powers…SUPER POWERS! He’s able to literally destroy people, and THEN he gets Miley Cyrus’ character as a wife? And then what are we supposed to go, gloss over the fact that Dottie just urinated all over Barry’s leg??

I think some people forget that Miley Cyrus was an actress at one time, and it shows because she was excellent. And to take that performance and put it at the tail end of the most deranged episode of this show that I have ever fucking seen, well you’ve got a winner. Dear, cartoon gods, give me 10 more ‘Bug Show’ episodes with Miley as his wife…thanks,


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