Review: Steven Universe Future “Mr. Universe”;”Fragments”


Our Take:

The first episode, which reveals a lot of Greg’s backstory, is honestly kind of sad. While we don’t really know much about Greg before (most of what we do know of him is his relationship with Rose, and his life surrounding his relationship with Rose), now we get to see his childhood. Despite his very hippie, free-spirited lifestyle, Greg wasn’t always like that. He was born into a very stiff family, who had specific expectations for him and wanted to do. Steven is honestly jealous of that, that Greg was allowed to find a way to live his own life while Steven feels trapped by the whole thing.

Greg really is a good dad. He is also thrust into an uncomfortable situation, but he is trying his best. He is learning about the gems at basically the same rate that Steven is, but he is also pushed with the responsibility of having to care for his child growing into adulthood, in an awkward time in his life. Despite Steven acting destructive, and nearly hurting Greg in the process, Greg just cares for his son, and sees the best in what Steven is doing. That’s hard to do. Unfortunately, what Steven wants to hear isn’t what Greg is saying.

Trying to find a channel for his frustration, Steven ends up going to Jasper. Of course, Jasper already knows what she wants; she wants combat, and is very unhappy with the happy-go-lucky life that the gems lead. She thrives under violence, not peace, but perhaps that seems to be a way out for Steven.

Steven’s issue is that he’s not only not confronting his trauma, but he has no way to deal with it. He can’t control it, because he has no method of venting his feelings, in any way. What Jasper offers, and what seems to work, is physical violence. Of course, physical violence could very easily be physical exertion, but in this world, that refers to combat. However, there’s also knowing when to stop, when to hold back, and Steven has no way of knowing that. In venting his frustration, he goes too far, and ends up shattering Jasper.

Interestingly, this episode also shows that shattered gems can be completely repaired, as long as it’s by a Diamond. But Steven, in the end, doesn’t like hurting people. He abhors violence, but violence is what he’s used to, and it’s so far the only way that feels normal in this kind of world. It’s frustrating, but Steven needs to find a better way to channel his emotions, because the consequences of just venting, as he sees, is not the kind of result that he wants.


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