Review: Steven Universe “Familiar”


Don’t familiarize yourself just yet.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

On this week’s episode, we learn about the Pebbles as well as a slight history of the diamonds after dealing with Blue and Yellow previously and now having to deal with White. The end game here is to get all of the diamonds into one room so as to heal the corrupted gems all the while trying to adjust to being a diamond himself and living in a new homeworld.

Our Take

“Familiar” is more of a worldbuilding episode than anything else. Setting up pieces for future episodes that probably should be shown in sequence with this one instead of letting this one swim on its own. It doesn’t, but that certainly isn’t the fault of the producers. We’ll have to wait until next week to see any serious progressions in the over-arc plot, but perhaps you’re gonna want to hold off on watching this week’s episode until well after the entirety of this arc is completed.


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