Review: Star Wars Resistance “The New Trooper”

Kaz comes up with a “very creative and extremely dangerous” plan.

Overview (Spoilers Below):

While patrolling the Colossus, a stormtrooper catches Kel and Eila fishing without any identification on them. They manage to knock him out, and go to Kaz for further help. Along with Niku and Tam, they drag the trooper to the depths of the Colossus, where Kaz decides to don his armor and spy on the First Order.

Things go pretty well, apart from everyone thinking Kaz is crazy. He learns that the kids weren’t recorded in the security logs, and that the First Order has some major reinforcements on the way. He’s able to switch places with the knocked out trooper just in time for him to be taken to reprogramming.

Our Take:

First of all, how messed up is it that Kaz basically just sentenced that random dude to a mind wipe? It’s not the trooper’s fault he happened upon the wrong kids to mess with! Looking on the bright side, I guess a complete mental cleansing may not be a bad idea after all the damage Niku has probably inflicted.

With that out of the way, I’ve got to say that The New Trooper was a pretty fantastic episode of Resistance! From the plot that kept me glued to the screen, to the humor of Kaz trying to fit in as a stormtrooper, this episode had it all. We even get a little more insight into Captain Doza’s reasons for leaving the Empire all those years ago. (He tells Commander Pyre it came down to a ‘personal choice’ that he wouldn’t understand. Theorize away!)

While the initial setup for Kaz donning the stormtroopers outfit was a little clunky, everything that happens afterwards is well worth it. I still don’t know if Kel and Eila utilized the force to knock the trooper out, or if it was merely a happy accident. As far as I can remember, the show hasn’t given any clear indication of their force sensitive natures yet beyond vaguely hinting at it.

Oh my goodness, the jokes. Kaz just being Kaz is usually awkward enough, but put him inside a stormtrooper uniform and have him pretend to play the role? It’s incredible he lasted as long as he did before being suspected as a potential traitor. I love how he tries to make small talk with a fellow trooper: “Long day, huh?” And then the trooper replies that he thinks they must’ve checked every single person on the platform’s identification. Hah! Even the First Order grunts are tired of the game. Another tiny thing I appreciated seeing was BB-8 going down a flight of stairs. It always makes me smile to hear the thonks. Oh, and speaking of droid humor… KAZ STRAIGHT UP DECAPITATED A FIRST ORDER DROID! That had me struggling to keep my composure. So much for not being noticed? I’m pretty sure that was the final straw for his commanding officer. As the real trooper is being led away during the final moments, he mumbles about his green friend being a cool guy. Niku would probably seem cooler if I watched the show while drowsy from being hit with a wrench. (Also, Kaz dragging the trooper down the stairs was golden. When Tam gives him a look, he shrugs it off: “He’s fine, he’s wearing a helmet.” The returning running gag of the poor, unappreciated worker who cleans the floors is much appreciated as well.

One of the more interesting character developments in this episode was the continued exploration of Tam’s feelings toward the First Order. She tells Yaeger that way back in the day, the Empire gave her granddad a job when no one else would. Yaeger has no qualms telling her that they were merely exploiting his need for work. Having this back and forth about the true nature of the First Order is welcome in a show that younger viewers watch, and I think it’s really admirable that the show doesn’t paint it as being such a black and white affair. Sure, the First Order brings safety, but they also destroyed Kel and Eila’s home, as Tam is troubled to learn.

This episode of Star Wars Resistance had it all: an engaging plot with a few twists, development for multiple characters, and lots of laughs. Kaz and company might have been able to outwit Commander Pyre and his band of security troopers, but with a whole battalion on their way, the future is looking bleak for everyone onboard the Colossus.



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