Review: Star Wars Resistance “The Core Problem”

Kaz learns what the First Order is truly capable of.

Overview (Spoilers Below):

Kaz and Yaeger are surprised when Poe Dameron arrives on the Colossus. General Organa has assigned him a mission, and he needs to pick up BB-8 to complete it. After hearing Kaz’s intel about the growing First Order threats, they decide to go check it out for themselves.

Kaz and Poe encounter something they’ve never seen before: an empty spot where a planet once was. Then they run into a planet that’s been ‘cored’, like something shot right through the center of it. Finally, they pick up a signal from a nearby moon and land to investigate: it’s a settlement that’s been ransacked and destroyed by the First Order. They’re run off by a fleet of TIE Fighters, but before they go their separate ways, it’s time for BB-8 to say goodbye and CB-23 to say hello.

Our Take:

Wow… that was a pretty stellar episode of Star Wars Resistance. I think Resistance always seems to up its game when Poe is in town, maybe because he brings a more serious, outside view to the show that counters Kaz’s innocent naivety well. The Core Problem is chock full of just about everything: character-building, comedy beats, and an impending sense of dread and doom. Starting with characters, I always love seeing more Poe. He definitely brings a commanding presence to the show that reinforces just how serious the situation on the Colossus is, despite Kaz’s klutziness and Niku’s… well, just Niku. I really love Poe’s relationship with Kaz. He can tease him (and does, frequently: “I knew you’d shoot the right one… eventually.”), but it’s clear he respects his piloting skills and general enthusiasm. In turn, Kaz looks up to him as a hero who helps the galaxy and looking super cool while doing it. BB-8 is officially gone… that’s a big signal that things are not going to be the same for Kaz after the events of this episode. (Side note: the mid-switch wave the droids exchange was very cute.)

What I really loved about this episode was the balance of high stakes and humor. It seems counterintuitive to be joking around during intense scenes, but in reality, many people joke to deal with tension. The Core Problem does a great job striking this note. I was laughing at Kaz and his attempts at crafting a working transmitter. Poor, poor boy. Poe showing up behind him is hilarious if improbable timing. Another of my favorite funny moments was when they were exploring the ruins, and Poe tells Kaz they’re being watched. Kaz starts meaningfully monologuing to BB-8 and Poe just makes exasperated hissing sounds at him to stay focused. It’s no wonder Poe doesn’t show up more often; he does not strike me as a particularly patient sort of man. Speaking of patience, I’m beginning to think the Fireball is working for the First Order. It’s literally the worst ship of all time, and it’s hilarious to me that Kaz still trusts it on dangerous missions when it fails to do basic things like a) move and b) engage the engines.

Let’s talk canon. As a bonafide Star Wars show, Resistance takes place within the larger Star Wars universe. Timeline-wise, Resistance is set just before the Force Awakens begins, when most people in the galaxy weren’t yet aware of the First Order’s true goals and power. We always suspected that we might see overlap between Resistance and The Force Awakens, but I for once did not expect this level of cohesion. We really just saw the moment Poe finds out the first evidence of Starkiller Base and its capabilities. The mission Poe is talking about is likely the one that will see him on the run at the beginning of The Force Awakens. Seeing this all come together is really cool.

I’m really happy with how this episode played out. It was funny, while also keeping me on the edge of my seat with the creepy ruined settlement and the space battle. It also included some genuine plot advancement, with the initial discovery of Starkiller Base’s capabilities and BB-8’s return to Poe. (He’s not going to see Kaz again, is he?) I can’t wait for more Resistance.



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