Review: Squidbillies “Trucked Up”

Episode Synopsis:
A transatlantic trucker challenge kicks into gear.

 Spoilers Below! 

When Rusty dreams of wanting to be a truck driver, his dad tries to talk him out of it when he tells a story about his own days as a road warrior. Turns out there was a big trucker challenge to bring a load from Atlanta to Paris, France in under 18 hours. Of course, Early takes up the challenge but actually ends up in the Atlantic Ocean twice and was um…pulled over by the Sheriff. Actually, as expected he’s the worst truck driver ever as he averaged 3 loads a week, none of which actually made their destination.

However, Early’s good enough to start in on a cocaine distribution operation that eventually gets him booked, thereby ending his stint as a truck driver.

Solid episode, and a funny way to end the season, my question is how did Early NOT know he was getting coke shoved up his ass?